Donations & Other Ways To Help Us

Hart House relies completely on donations so any amount, however small or donation in kind is very welcome and appreciated indeed. A regular 'income' is vital to us as it helps us in the 'rainy' season when there are fewer visitors. 

You can donate through Hart House Charitable Fund in the UK (see below) or via Paypal which can also be used by international donors (button above). However, donating directly to the Fund means that we save the fee PayPal charges and we can send 100% of your donation (plus gift aid if applicable) to Hart House.

Please look below, under 'UK Donors', for further information about Hart House Charitable Fund and the most cost-effective donations from the UK.

If you would like to donate via PAYPAL (either through your PayPal account or by card) please click the 'donate' button at the top of this page. There is an option at the beginning of the payment process to make your donation a monthly contribution through your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you will be asked to create one. A one-off donation does not need an account. If you are a UK income or capital gains tax payer and it is a personal donation and you want to allow the Fund to claim gift aid on your donation please confirm this in the box provided during the payment process (by typing in e.g. 'claim gift aid') or email the Fund to confirm this ( 

UK Donors

Dear supporters and friends of Hart House,

thank you all for your ongoing help. In 2015, a group of our supporters in England established Hart House Charitable Fund to solely support Hart House, for the relief and assistance of the children cared for there by providing grants of money and assets for the provision of education and accommodation for the children, including the costs of upkeep of buildings, payment of teachers and staff.

We have been granted Gift Aid status by HMRC (Charity Reference Number: EW38968) which means that if you are a UK Income or Capital Gains taxpayer the fund can claim back 25% Gift Aid on every pound donated to Hart House through the fund and then pass 100% of your donation and the Gift Aid directly onto them as the Fund is administered by volunteers and therefore has no expenses. So in order for you to increase the value of your contributions to Hart House by a quarter without it costing you a penny more we are asking you to consider to direct your contribution via Hart House Charitable Fund. You can set up a standing order or send a chequetransfer money at times of your choice, sponsor a child or get sponsored yourself for something. Should you decide to donate via the fund please email the Secretary of Hart House Charitable Fund, Heike Sheppard, at and she will be happy to give you further details and/or answer any other queries you might have.

UK donors who are not UK taxpayers can also contribute through the fund and possibly save charges for overseas transfers. We just won't claim Gift Aid.

The fund can also accept monies from sponsored events or donations from other fundraising activities - it has, for example received a donation from a school's Christmas Show ticket sales and from the sales of Christmas cards. Gift Aid cannot be claimed for these types of donations but we can pass them on.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.



Hart House Friends Sweden

is a support group based in Sweden. For contact details please get in touch with Geoff (


Other ways to donate money - if you are a UK donor, please see above.

Method 1: Regular Monthly Payments, no matter how small

If you could manage to make a regular, monthly donation you would be making such a difference.

Please use the Paypal 'DONATE VIA PAYPAL' button above (there is an option for making your donation a monthly contribution) or contact Geoff ( to obtain details of how to make a transfer if you cannot use Hart House Charitable Fund or PayPal.

£20 a month sponsors a child but any payment is gratefully received. One elderly lady pays £2 from her pension every month - and that really helps.

You can also join the 500 Club to donate at least £2 a month - please see the 'Hart House 500 Club' tab.


Method 2: Sponsoring a child

You can sponsor a child for £20 a month or £200 per year.

Please use the 'DONATE VIA PAYPAL' button above (there is an option for making your donation a monthly contribution) or contact Geoff ( for details. You could do that as an individual or you may wish to get your local club, pub or sports team to do a group sponsorship for the one child.


Method 3: Cheques

You may just want to send an occasional gift in the form of a cheque. UK cheques should go through Hart House Charitable Fund - please contact Heike ( for details.
Otherwise please contact Geoff (


Method 4: Money Transfer

You can also send money by using a money transfer company like Western Union or MoneyGram.

When sending money the transfer company will give you a Reference Number and in most cases ask you to provide a secret Question and Answer.

Please remember to telephone, text or email Hart House with the REFERENCE NUMBER and the SECRET QUESTION and ANSWER.

Make payments payable to:

Geoffrey Hunwicks
Sinchu Alhagie Village
The Gambia

Email: Mobile: 00 220 9926258

These methods may incur charges and a less favourable exchange rate.



Other ways in which you can help Hart House:

If you are coming to The Gambia on holiday

Please bring with you any items you can. Some Airlines will actually give you free Charity Baggage Allowance if you ask.

We can provide you with a letter for the Airline, if required confirming that you are bringing items for a Registered Charity.

We would suggest light weight items such as craft items - pipe cleaners, pompoms and so on; bubbles and balloons are also always wanted. Videos, DVD's, learning materials, toys, wool would be much appreciated. Office stationery, e.g. Blu Tac, Cellotape etc., toiletries and clothes are very welcome, too. We are also in need of furniture and equipment so sponsoring of these types of items would be wonderful.



Yes please! If you decide to do that, you are also participating in the improvement of the Home for Children with Learning Difficulties - The Gambia. We are always in urgent need of funds to cover our expenses at the home.

Fundraising ideas: holding a coffee morning for friends and neighbours, a bring and buy sale, a sponsored walk or bike ride. What about taking part in a marathon???

We have schools who donate their receipts from ticket sales for their Christmas Play, sale of raffle tickets etc or a school could hold a non uniform day and each child pays a small 'fee' to wear their own clothes to school for the day - 50p, for example would soon add up.

One of our younger supporters baked some cakes and, along with her friends, sold them to teachers and pupils at her school at break time, 3 days a week for a month and raised £400!! Amazing.

A boot sale is a great way of raising money - ask friends and family to have a 'clear out', then sell all their unwanted items at a local boot sale.

We really do appreciate all the effort our supporters make on our behalf. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we do for these children.

Please see our Facebook page for recent examples of fundraising.



We appreciate having people who would like to spend some of their time in our home in order to help the children of Hart House.

Volunteers should be able to provide a Police clearance, a Doctor's letter to say that they are fit and healthy to work with children with Learning Difficulties in The Gambia and an up to date medical health travel record showing that they have had the necessary inoculations.

Also we require that potential volunteers raise at least £500 through a fund raising activity or similar as a donation to Hart House this will also cover your accommodation at Hart House from Monday to Friday for the duration of your stay as a volunteer.

Please contact Geoff ( to discuss this well in advance of your stay.